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Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (Informationen)

Are you studying at Charité and interested in applying for a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes? Are you a university lecturer at the Charité and have you been asked for a recommendation letter? Below you will find some helpful information and links.

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The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes is the oldest and largest organization for the promotion of gifted students in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Studienstiftung currently supports around 13,900 students and 1,400 doctoral candidates. The number of new admissions in 2022 was around 2,000 students and 280 doctoral candidates per year. Funding is open to all degree programmes and all types of higher education institutions.

Information for undergraduate students and lecturers

The Studienstiftung supports students whose talents and personalities promise outstanding achievements in the service of the general public.

Most applicants are nominated for a scholarship by their schools, their universities or partner institutions. If you have recently started your studies, you can also qualify for a scholarship via the self-application with selection test.

You can apply for a scholarship from the Studienstiftung or be recommended for one if you study at the Charité.

Only full-time studies can be supported by the Study Foundation (not part-time courses!). If you are in a second, additional, further education or postgraduate course of study, you cannot apply for a scholarship from the Studienstiftung or be recommended for one. Students who have changed their subject after the start of the 4th university semester are generally not eligible for funding.

All scholarship recipients receive a monthly tuition allowance of 300 euros. In addition, depending on the financial situation of the family, they can receive a living allowance of up to 812 euros per month.

There are no age limits for the application.

More information:  (More information on the German version of the website)

Information for Doctoral Students

The Studienstiftung accepts applications for doctoral funding at any time (no application deadline).

Requirements for applications and application forms:

Since October 2023, the scholarship is endowed with 1,450 euros per month plus a lump sum for research costs of 100 euros (1,550 euros) and offers financial security for a period of three years with the option of a six-month extension. Scholarship holders with children are supported by additional funds and can apply for up to 12 months of additional funding – just like those who work in the care of relatives or with a chronic illness.