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Ein Forscher träufelt aus einer kleinen Pipette eine Flüssigkeit in ein Reagenzglas. Mehrere Reagenzgläser und ein Erlenmeyerkolben vorn rechts sind mit einer hellblauen, klaren Flüssigkeit gefüllt. Kopf und Schultern des Forschers sind nur unscharf im Hintergrund zu erkennen.

Promotionsabschlußstipendium I

Calls for Promotionsstipendium I are issued biannually on and awarded competitively. Promotionsstipendium I is aimed at doctoral students at Charité who would like to apply for a final scholarship (max. 1 year) for the completion of a dissertation in the case of already existing research results. The decision on the scholarships to be awarded is made by the Academic Grants' Committee (Kommission für Nachwuchsförderung) of the Charité. Applications for Doctoral Scholarships I are to be submitted only after a call for applications.

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Promotionsstipendium I: Application Form

Please understand that the official language at the Charité is German, and thus used in conjunction with the Charité scholarship program, which contains a number of binding legal terms and phrases. Therefore, the Electronic Application Form is available in German only. From October 1, 2023, you will find English reading versions of the rules and regulations [Merkblätter] pertaining to the funding program for junior scientists at Charité [Charité Stipendienprogramm] online (INTRAnet).

If you would like to apply for a Charité Promotionsstipendium I, first compile your application documents according to the instructions in the Merkblatt  (INTRANET), summarise them in one single pdf file and have it ready.

Then fill out the following questionnaire and upload your application documents. Your file will be renamed by the system after submission, this is normal. After submission, you will receive an email to confirm the application submission.

Applications can only be submitted during the call period. Incomplete or late applications cannot be considered.



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