Undergraduate Research Funding [Studienbegleitende Forschungsförderung]

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Principal investigators/group leaders at the Charité may fund undergraduate researchers through undergraduate research scholarships, given that the necessary funds are available to them (from e.g. third-party funds or "Universitäre Forschungsförderung").

Which projects can be funded - and how?

Undergraduate research projects of students working towards their first academic degree at the Charité may be eligible for project funding ("Studentische Forschungsfoerderung"), given that the necessary funds are provided by the research group the student is working in.

Funding decisions will be made individually by the Vice Dean for Research.

All potential applicants are requested to FIRST discuss with their PI/thesis advisor/group leader whether or not this funding opportunity is an option.

Why are the calls and the scholarship information ("Merkblatt") only available in German ?

Please understand that the official language at the Charité is German, and thus used in conjunction with the Charité scholarship program, which contains a number of binding legal terms and phrases.

We recognize and encourage the international character of research done at the Charité. Thus, please feel free to submit your proposal and, if invited, to give your oral presentation in either German or English, whichever you feel more comfortable in. For oral presentations, we ask you to see to it that the laguage spoken matches that used on your slides.

We are looking forward to your application!