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Doctoral Training

Earning a doctorate is a challenge: You will prove your ability to think and work independently in an academic environment and generate novel and original research results. A dissertation requires a focussed and rigorous research process to, in a step-wise manner, gain access to a complex scientific problem and open novel perspectives which go beyond the regular curriculum.

You are interested in or have already started doctoral training at the Charité ? - Great! Together, let us try to find a suitable funding program for your project.

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The Office for Graduate and Postgraduate Studies (Promotionsbuero) provides you with information on formal requirements for doctoral training at the Charité.

German medical students often complete a thesis (Dr. med.) in parallel to their graduation from medical school. This requires exceptional self-organization. The Charité graduate programme (Charité-Promotionskolleg) offers supervised peer education to improve doctoral candidates' scientific, organisational and technical skills for tackling thesis projects.

Secure funding of your thesis project allows you to focus on your scientific work. The Charité offers a structured scholarship program for talented, motivated and committed doctoral students and supports applications to external funding programs.

Additional Resources

Workshops at Humboldt-University [in German]

For students who are looking for orientation regarding a doctorate, Humboldt University offers  severals workshops (only in German).

Students enrolled at the Charité are eligible for participation. To register, please contact hgs-workshops(at)

Studentenwerk Berlin: Writing Center [in German]

The Writing Center at Studentenwerk Berlin supports students enrolled at Berlin's universities in academic writing.