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Travel Grants

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Biannually, the Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Berliner Charité e.V.  funds travel grants for undergraduate and doctoral students who are presenting research* at academic or professional conferences to applicants who otherwise would not be able financially to participate in the conference.

* presenting research = the participant's contribution has been selected for presentation in a peer-review process

In addition, the Charité established the Ruth Jeschke Travel Grant program to provide financial assistance and recognition to postdoctoral researchers (up to 3 years after graduation) working in the field(s) of tumor immunology and/or molecular cancer research who are participating in academic conferences, workshops or meetings.

Current maximum awards are 500 Euro for conferences in Europe and 1000 Euro for overseas conferences, up to a max. of 75% of total cost.

All travel grants are awarded by the Academic Grants Committee (Nachwuchskommission).

Proposals must be submitted while Calls for Proposals are open (Call Schedule). For formal requirements and supporting documents, please download the Merkblatt from the Charité INTRAnet [in German, scroll down for Link].


Why are the calls and the scholarship information ("Merkblatt") only available in German ?

Please understand that the official language at the Charité is German, and thus used in conjunction with the Charité scholarship program, which contains a number of binding legal terms and phrases.

We recognize and encourage the international character of research done at the Charité. Thus, please feel free to submit your proposal and, if invited, to give your oral presentation in either German or English, whichever you feel more comfortable in. For oral presentations, we ask you to see to it that the laguage spoken matches that used on your slides.

We are looking forward to your application!