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Scholarships for "Habilitation"

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In Germany, Habilitation denotes the qualification for a teaching career in higher education and a usual prerequisite for access to full professorship at German universities and university hospitals.

Habilitationsstipendien enable postdoctoral researchers (physicians or scientists) to successfully complete their Habilitation projects.

The Rahel Hirsch Program funding is awarded to selected female postdoctoral researchers at the Charité

  • whose prior academic performance both in research and teaching qualifies them for higher academic qualification and
  • who, at the end of the funding period, are expected to have achieved all qualifications necessary for habilitation or appointment to junior professorship* and
  • who obtained their doctorate no longer then 10 years prior to application.

*If you are a junior postdoctoral researcher (e.g. if you have published <3 peer-reviewed publications as first or last author) OR if you have already achieved all scientific qualifications necessary for habilitation or appointment to junior professorship, Rahel-Hirsch or Habilitationsstipendien are NOT suitable for you.

Scholarships for Habilitation

Calls for Habilitationsstipendium I are issued by the Academic Grants Committee (Kommission für Nachwuchsförderung). Scholarships are awarded in a competitive selection process.

Habilitationsstipendium II may be funded from available funds. For details please see the scholarship information ("Merkblatt") available online [Charité INTRAnet only]. Please discuss with your PI or group leader first whether or not this funding option may be suitable for you.

Why are the calls and the scholarship information ("Merkblatt") only available in German ?

Please understand that the official language at the Charité is German, and thus used in conjunction with the Charité scholarship program, which contains a number of binding legal terms and phrases.

We recognize and encourage the international character of research done at the Charité. Thus, please feel free to submit your proposal and, if invited, to give your oral presentation in either German or English, whichever you feel more comfortable in. For oral presentations, we ask you to see to it that the laguage spoken matches that used on your slides.

We are looking forward to your application!