Alternative Funding Options

Planning to apply for external funding?

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First, please

  • ask around your professional network,
  • research online and
  • have a look at our link list below

for programmes and funding options of external providers that target your specialization and/or career stage.

Find out who is funding your colleagues, e.g. at collaborating institutions or at other universities.

Selected calls and deadlines will be published online [Scholarships and Awards, Intranet] and via the mailing list

Starting points for your research:

Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)

  • [Englische Übersetzung] BIH 

Clinician Scientist Programme

Charité Mentoring Programme

Scholarship Databases [in German]

ELectronic Research Funding Information System (ELFI)

[Englische Übersetzung] ELFI-Database