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Academic Grants' Committee

Planning funding programs, selecting applicants for funding, advising applicants and students' initiatives - all of these are included in the manifold tasks of the Charité's Academic Grants' Committee.

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Academic Grats Committee: Overview

The Faculty Council elects an Academic Grants' Committee to support junior scientists and optimize academic talent management towards scientific excellence in an international context.

Together, experts from both clinical and research departments develop effective and sustainable funding programs for junior scientists at every career level at the Charité, and select suitable applicants for funding.

Find out more about the committee's work on the following pages!

Committee Tasks


The Academic Grants' Committee sh

  • increase the number of qualified junior scientists through funding programs and protected time for research during residency training
  • develop and optimize career development measures for students, scientists and physicians during residency training in alignment with the respective curricular demands
  • appoint subcommittees for the selection of projects and applicants for funding
  • develop a tenure track process for junior professors and junior group leaders
  • develop, in cooperation with the Women's and Equal Opportunity Committee, targeted funding measures for female junior researchers
  • organize and conduct accrediting measures for scientific results
  • contribute to the optimization of the medical doctorate and habilitation
  • contribute to the development of the Charité Promotionskolleg (voluntary graduate programme for medical doctoral students)
  • support the team of the European Students' Conference
  • contribute to the preparation of the Charité annual overall budget plan
  • develop a strategy for alternative career pathways at the Charité

Have a look at the committee's statute for more details (INTRAnet, in German).


Committee Members

The Faculty Council (Fakultaetsrat) elects committee members and decides on their duties. A members directory is available online (INTRAnet).

Committee members representing faculty and academic staff members are eligible to vote.

A Women's and Equal Opportunity Commissioner shall be an ex officio member of the commitee. The Women's and Equal Opportunity Commissioner as well as students' and staff representatives act in advisory roles to the committee.

The committee elects one chair and one or more substitutes.

The committees term of office equals that of the Faculty Council.

Committee Sessions

Committee sessions ususally comprise open and closed sessions.

Invitations and meeting agendas will be emailed to all committee members approx. 1 week prior to the session date.

During selection meetings, applicants' talks are open to the public, while the selection of applicants for funding is non-public (closed session).

The committee regularly invites guests whenever current projects or initiatives which fall within the responsibilities of the committee are to be discussed. Are you interested in discussing a project with us? Please feel free to contact the committee's office (in German or English, whichever you prefer).

Sessions 2017 are planned for the following dates:

Tue., 09.05. | Thu., 15.06. | Thu., 07.09. | Thu., 05.10. | Thu., 07.12.

A detailed schedule is available online (INTRAnet).